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Pure Tough (Scratch & Heat Resistant Epoxy Coating)

Pure Tough (Scratch & Heat Resistant Epoxy Coating)

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Healthofmindart epoxy systems are the most advanced on the Australian market, what separates and gives us a point of difference to our competitors is that we have been makers and we understand what makers want. Our products are 100% Australian made and we have the documents to back this up. Keeping manufacturing in Australia is extremely important to us not only because we have some of the most rigorous quality control in the world but we help keep our economy going. When you buy our formulas not only are you getting the highest possible quality as we are one of 2 actual Australian made products, but you are helping grow our country and maintain it's high quality manufacturing standards. Our epoxies are high end formulas designed for long term results. It is extremely important our customers know that our products are designed for long term results. ALL epoxy resins contain aromatic rings which cause long term darkening, cheap epoxies will discolour extremely quickly. Our systems have the most “acceptable amounts” of UV stabilisers and absorbers.

For a while Stonecoat the US company has provided a tough epoxy coating for benches etc, well we have worked seriously hard on this new scratch and super tough epoxy coating system. This epoxy would be one of the most durable, hard and scratch resistant epoxies in Australia. 

PURE TOUGH is a high gloss, low viscosity, self-levelling, solvent free two-pack coating designed as a hard-wearing top coat for timber, furniture, or art applications. PURE TOUGH achieves a high build in a single coat and provides an extremely durable, scratch resistant finish.

  • Mix ratio: 2 parts A to 1 part B (vol)
  • Work time: 15-30 minutes
  • Film Thickness: 0.5 to 1mm per coat
  • Coverage Rate: 0.5 to 1.0m2/L
  • Recoat: 24-48hrs
  • Light use: 36 hours
  • Full Cure: 7 Days
  • Colour Stability: Suitable for internal
  • Shore D hardness: 75
  • VOC content: 0 g/L
  • Application temperature: 10-35C
  • heat resistant over 150 degrees 
  • do not apply butane torches , heat guns only 

Substrates should be thoroughly sanded or ground to provide a keyed surface.  If applying over existing coatings, adhesion should be tested by preparation of a small test area. Remove all potential contaminants. Contact HOM if unsure. It is generally recommended that the surface to be coated be elevated from the work area to allow the coating to drip freely off the sides. Ensure tape and protective sheeting is used to protect work area. Ensure that the surface is level.

PURE TOUGH is designed to be applied by pouring or spreading to achieve a high build. Apply via brush or spreader. Material can be applied thinly via roller however multiple coatings will be required to achieve the desired result. If bubbles occur, they can be easily broken via use of a heat gun – bubbles should be removed within 30 minutes of application.

Some timber can have rejection issues with natural oils, so between coats wipe down with metho then sand, then wipe down with metho using fresh towels constantly. Multiple coats needs to applied. First coat will seal the timber as timber has a pouress nature to it. Sanding between coats and wiping with metho is required. 

Epoxies outside of Healthofmindart epoxies can have higher surfactants which can cause surface imperfections, wipe the surface with metho before re-coating. 

Available in 1.5L 3L AND 6L.


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