Blaupunkt Cooktops

Blaupunkt hobs - heat that makes a point. Not all heat is alike. Sometimes the temperature has to rise rapidly - boosting heat for perfect searing. Other things need time - uniform heat for gentle cooking.

Blaupunkt Dishwashers

Blaupunkt dishwashers - the washing-up is part of the fun. First the pleasure, then the work? Blaupunkt dishwashers do the work on your behalf to ensure that the pleasure continues past the meal. Various installation heights and widths and variable storage space - the Blaupunkt programme offers the perfect aide for every space requirement.

Blaupunkt Ovens

Blaupunkt ovens - the heart of your kitchen. Crispy, delicate and fresh - all available with a simple touch! Intuitive operating concepts and clearly arranged display solutions allow your oven to produce perfect results. And when the feast is over, these practical kitchen appliances simply clean themselves.

Blaupunkt Rangehoods

Blaupunkt Multi Control - a unique connection. Here everything comes together that belongs together: Blaupunkt hobs with Multi Control form a unique combination - together with the Multi Control extractor fan hoods. These can be easily controlled using the hob operating panel, and they automatically adjust their output in line with the heat generation of the hob. The cable-free Multi Control sensor promises a long-lasting technical standard and intuitive operation.