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Hard Wax Oil - Health Of Mind Art

Hard Wax Oil - Health Of Mind Art

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Natural, clear coat interior timber finish that protects, enhances timber grain and beauty. Suitable for all timber surfaces including furniture, bench tops and wall paneling. Hard Wax Oil is manufactured in Australia from carefully selected ingredients derived from renewable sources.

They key benefits when using our Hard wax oil 

- Lowered viscosity for timber penetration 

- 100% stain and water resistant 

- Fast drying ( multiple coats in a day weather dependent) 

- Rich colour enhancing 

- Manufactured from raw materials derived from renewable sources

- Natural smooth finish 

Our hard wax oil requires multiple coats and is a natural satin finish with a ultra smooth texture, the lowered viscosity helps penetrate into the timber fibres ultimately leaving it resistant to staining and water repellent. We believe timber deserves rich nutrients to enhance all its beauty, with our hard wax oil it is designed to enhance the colour in timber whilst maintaining a highly durable surface.

To ensure a professional looking finish, sand the surface smooth using at least 180 grit or finer media. When sanding is complete, wipe sawdust off with a clean rag or soft cloth. Enusre that the timber is dry, free from dirt, dust, grease and oil.

Apply using pads, roller or brush. Burnishing can be used to get a higher sheen. 

Coverage is dependent on the hardness and porosity of the timber. Coverage is 10m2 per 1 litre of product. 

 Do not apply when the temperature is under 8oC, or over 32oC, and/or in very high humidity. This product is not designed for exterior use, where the timber is directly exposed to the weather.


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